Okay so for a change of pace from talk about specifics of the game I thought I would bring up a topic that I'v been pndering for about a week. 

Now about 3 weeks ago I started using a preset playlist while playing LoL and in that time I'v won more game than ever, now this can be attrubited to pure luck of the draw but I believe that the music has had some positive effect on my play. Its been keeping me more focused on the game by virtue of me telling myself not to really pay attention to it. 

Now for a rough comparision before I played with music I won ~40% of games, my win rate after adding the music is now up to ~55% which is a noticable increase, but the games I have been losing have also been extremely one sided, as in all lanes losing except mine (that is when I'm not jungling) or just losing every team fight. 

What I'm asking for is if anyone has seen a notiable difference in their play from listening to music as opposed to not listening to music.

Thank you to all who provide feedback.