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  • Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, forget my last blog post. I went with Teemo instead of Rammus. Now, from what I've seen of Teemo he is quite over powered for him being so small. He can also stealth by just standing there. Any ideas on how to use this guy?  

    Also, I need some help on the IP boost thing. How do you use it???? 

    If you would like to help, plz post a comment. Any hurtful or innapropriate comments will be reported.

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    The return to LOL

    October 17, 2016 by Thenoobsummoner

    Ok, its been quite some time now since I last played LOL. I have been saving my IP, but I've got a problem: I don't know which Champion to get!!! I've decided on either Twitch, Twisted Fate, or Rammus. To those viewing this post plz help!

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  • Thenoobsummoner

    Hello viewers of my stuff! this is thenoobsummoner (aka Zendekarian) here! Now, first off if you are viewing this there are some things you'll need to know. #1: I'm pretty much a complete noob at LOL, so bear with please! #2: Please do not judge me. That is not nice and will likely get you beaten to a pulp by angry Bug Pokemon as a result. #3: If you haven't noticed already, I'm completely wacko. I'm just like that so DEAL WITH IT. Anywho, as of this post I have only played one PvP game due to my need of champions over human-vs-human skills right now. If you ever look up the username Zendekarian on LOL, you will find that I have level one mastery of Cho' Gath. This is mainly because of my near-constant use of him, but soon I hope to have t…

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