• Thomastasa

    This is how i play Rumble. It usually gets me alot of kills. I think of myself as a glass cannon, u gotta go all out and really commit to the fights if you want to win. fyi all my discriptions are in laymans terms becasue im too lazy to figure out the offical names. use your brain, im sure you'll understand.

    Start off with Rank-1 Shoe and 3 hp pots. Then get the mats for the AP Deathcap, or finish your shoe as a magic pen shoe if you need the extra run speed early on. Once you complete your Hat, you pretty much are ownin, so you can either get the Magic Life Steal Book Thing that gives aura to your teammates, or if you want to spend more money and get some hp get the Slow Staff. If the enemy team has alot of AP people, go with the sugge…

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