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  • Thresh4prez

    This Veigar build review will kick off with the rune page setup. The rune setup in the website link above was designed amazingly. Its as if it was created by a secret challenger. The rune setup is composed of ability power, Magic penetration, Health, and magic resist.
    Now im going to talk about the mastery setup included in this Veigar build. the masteries in this build seem to be geared towards combo bursting.
    The reason why I say that is because the main focus is in cunning, and the main is in Thunderlords.
    The actual items in this build are very usual to what I see most people build when playing veigar. The build includes a lot of ability power items. The late game items being Deathcap and Luden's Echo. Overall I would says its really pow…

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  • Thresh4prez

    Love everyone who reads my blog. If you are still reading my reviews you are a special person in my heart. This Thresh Support Build Review is going to be a good one. I promise you will like this Thresh support build.
    The Runes in this Thresh support build are interesting to say the least. The writer of this build really seemed to want to balance the runes out. By giving him attack speed, Armor, Health, and Magic resist. Thus making him balanced.
    The mastery setup in this Thresh support build was also interesting. The reason being is because he chooses thunderlords on a thresh. Which is very unusual. However I tried it out and it seems to work only because of getting those early first bloods. So it definitely works out.
    When it comes to the …

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  • Thresh4prez

    Anyways So I came across this Darius Top build surfing the internet and I must say its pretty good. I really like all the pictures and explanation behind what the build is teaching.
    When it comes to the runes in this build I had never seen anyone use the runes that were included in the setup of this build. Although surprising I tried them out in ranked playing as Darius and I must say that it really helped my game play.
    As far as the Mastery setup goes it was spot on to what I think an Darius Mastery Page should look like. Not much else to say about that.
    The actual items in this build are interesting as well. The starting items are typical but the writer of this build definitely puts their on spin on the typical Darius build. I really recom…

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  • Thresh4prez

    First of all I Thank you for reading and viewing my blog! I'm so thankful for the support. Now lets get into this Ekko Top Build Review.
    The Runes in this Ekko Top build were ability powered baste. The rune setup included in this build looks like its going for maximum AP Damage. The runes give you a bonus of 20 magic pen and six magic resist.

    The mastery page setup included in this Ekko top build where standard for Ekko using Thunder Lords as the main focus.
    When it comes to the actual items in the build they are also Ability Power focused. The items to me seemed some what interesting seeing as most people try to play tanky tops. However in this build they seem to want you to play an assassin. I tried the item build and I won the game. Thats…

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  • Thresh4prez

    To all my new readers out there I love you all! This Jinx ADC Build is from the same website as the first review. However I just really loved how they are written the author really skips through all the BS and cuts to the chase.
    That being said I test all of the guides I review on this blog. The results of this Jinx ADC Build where very good. I am currently Diamond 1 ranked in League of Legends and the first game I played using this build I won.
    The runes in this build are kind of confusing to me. However it seems to work out pretty good. I do like how balanced it is. Really gives you a whole lot of extra bonuses. Where as most build just focus on one area. Such as damage or survive ability.
    When it comes to the masteries of this build its p…

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