Anyways So I came across this Darius Top build surfing the internet and I must say its pretty good. I really like all the pictures and explanation behind what the build is teaching.
When it comes to the runes in this build I had never seen anyone use the runes that were included in the setup of this build. Although surprising I tried them out in ranked playing as Darius and I must say that it really helped my game play.
As far as the Mastery setup goes it was spot on to what I think an Darius Mastery Page should look like. Not much else to say about that.
The actual items in this build are interesting as well. The starting items are typical but the writer of this build definitely puts their on spin on the typical Darius build. I really recommend you check it out because it would be hard for me to explain better than the writer of this build.
(Summary of the build)
The summary of this build is that it works really well in ranked. I would recommend trying it out however it seems like its meant for advanced players seeing as it has some complicated elements.