First of all I Thank you for reading and viewing my blog! I'm so thankful for the support. Now lets get into this Ekko Top Build Review.
The Runes in this Ekko Top build were ability powered baste. The rune setup included in this build looks like its going for maximum AP Damage. The runes give you a bonus of 20 magic pen and six magic resist.

The mastery page setup included in this Ekko top build where standard for Ekko using Thunder Lords as the main focus.
When it comes to the actual items in the build they are also Ability Power focused. The items to me seemed some what interesting seeing as most people try to play tanky tops. However in this build they seem to want you to play an assassin. I tried the item build and I won the game. Thats saying a lot considering my Rank.
(summary of the build)
It seems like an ok build. If you have a tanky support and jungle this build would work like magic. However I see a flaw in if you have to squishy of a team. Considering the tank roll of the team most likely goes to the top lane. Ultimately I give this build a 6/10 on the rating scale.