To all my new readers out there I love you all! This Jinx ADC Build is from the same website as the first review. However I just really loved how they are written the author really skips through all the BS and cuts to the chase.
That being said I test all of the guides I review on this blog. The results of this Jinx ADC Build where very good. I am currently Diamond 1 ranked in League of Legends and the first game I played using this build I won.
The runes in this build are kind of confusing to me. However it seems to work out pretty good. I do like how balanced it is. Really gives you a whole lot of extra bonuses. Where as most build just focus on one area. Such as damage or survive ability.
When it comes to the masteries of this build its pretty straight forward. Looks like an every day run of the mill mastery page for ADC. However I do love the picture included in this build!
Now the actual items in this build are where the magic is! I love that it says to rush runnan's because Jinx and runnan's is super over powered. It just well crafted and it explains in depth when and what to buy in the shop. The items are for full on damage output with a specific aim at area effect splash damage.

(Summary of the build)
Overall I would definitely recommend you check out the build linked above. That is why I decided to review it! The build works really well and is explained very well. Check it out! I give it ten out of ten as build rating. Thanks for reading.