Love everyone who reads my blog. If you are still reading my reviews you are a special person in my heart. This Thresh Support Build Review is going to be a good one. I promise you will like this Thresh support build.
The Runes in this Thresh support build are interesting to say the least. The writer of this build really seemed to want to balance the runes out. By giving him attack speed, Armor, Health, and Magic resist. Thus making him balanced.
The mastery setup in this Thresh support build was also interesting. The reason being is because he chooses thunderlords on a thresh. Which is very unusual. However I tried it out and it seems to work only because of getting those early first bloods. So it definitely works out.
When it comes to the actual items to build they seem very support like. Which should go without saying but a lot of supports these days try to build damage. The items included like Locket, and Frozen Heart are very support items.
(summary of the build)
Its a good build. Ive tried it out in rank and it works like a charm. I dont understand why it works considering there some aspects of it that dont seem support like. Even though the items to build are very support like. Its a very balanced and some what tanky thresh in the late game. Which who dosent like a tanky support? Any ways I give this build a 9/10 on the scale. Thanks for reading!