This Veigar build review will kick off with the rune page setup. The rune setup in the website link above was designed amazingly. Its as if it was created by a secret challenger. The rune setup is composed of ability power, Magic penetration, Health, and magic resist.
Now im going to talk about the mastery setup included in this Veigar build. the masteries in this build seem to be geared towards combo bursting.
The reason why I say that is because the main focus is in cunning, and the main is in Thunderlords.
The actual items in this build are very usual to what I see most people build when playing veigar. The build includes a lot of ability power items. The late game items being Deathcap and Luden's Echo. Overall I would says its really powerful and makes Veigar over powered. Being that he can one shot any ADC, Support, and even sometimes non tanky Jungles.
Like I have mentioned in my other reviews I test all of the builds I review in real live ranked matches. This build won me lots of games since I began using it. The win rate with this build for me has been six wins two losses. So that's a dang good win ratio. Seems to me that Veigar needs to be scaled back.
(summary of the build)