Recently on the Lux page, I've noticed that people were questioning the radius of her E. The wiki said it was 350 units in radius. Clearly this wasn't right or the AOE would have a diameter of 700 units: longer than Caitlyn autoattack range. Some edittors changed the description from radius to diameter but this is inconsistent with the rest of the wiki that uses radius to measure AOE spells.

However the rest of the wiki is already inaccurate as people keep confusing radius and diameter. For example: Gragas's page has the radius of his Q as 375, larger than Anivia's ult, when its about the size of Brand's W. Same thing with Kayle's E, its listed as 300 radius splash when it's probably 150 radius. Tiamat's splash range is tiny but if the listed splash radius of 185 is true then it should have a splash AOE larger then Lux's E. Same with Hecarim's W listed at 525 radius, if this was true then the AOE would cover 1050 units, a longer distance then his ultimate.

I'm starting to doubt a lot of the range figures on every page because of this. These examples are only a few pages that I checked but I'm sure there is a lot more AOE spells that are also confused like this. First decide whether to use either radius or diameter. Then check every single AOE spell for accuracy. Thoughts?