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  • Timdood3

    This is my first atempt at posting anything but comments on the wiki, so any constructive critisism is welcome.

    I might write some lore later, but for now I will just right the general abilities. (Keep in mind that when I say "X" it is where the champion's name would go).

    Also, any ideas ideas on what the damages / ratios should be is welcome as well.  

    Passive - Deppression - X is depressed, gaining small amounts of attack damage and ability power.

    Q - Heart Plunge - X stabs his target with great force, aimed at the target's heart. (physical damage) (Auto Attack enhance)

    W - Heartbreak - X unleases his depression, causing magic damage and applying grievous wounds in an area of effect. This will disable his passive. His passive will reactivate…

    Read more >

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