This is my first atempt at posting anything but comments on the wiki, so any constructive critisism is welcome.

I might write some lore later, but for now I will just right the general abilities. (Keep in mind that when I say "X" it is where the champion's name would go).

Also, any ideas ideas on what the damages / ratios should be is welcome as well.  

Passive - Deppression - X is depressed, gaining small amounts of attack damage and ability power.

Q - Heart Plunge - X stabs his target with great force, aimed at the target's heart. (physical damage) (Auto Attack enhance)

W - Heartbreak - X unleases his depression, causing magic damage and applying grievous wounds in an area of effect. This will disable his passive. His passive will reactivate proportionally with the cooldown. (AoE)

E - Mood swings - X's deppression transfers into rage, throwing his blades at his enemies, gaining attack damage for every hit. (Multiple Skillshot) (Temporary Buff)

R - Deathwish - X gains increased stats, and is immune to any type of CC. The stat gain is increased up to five times from nearby enemy champions, and decreased from allied champions up to four (to a lesser extent). This ability is only available if there is at least one enemy champion nearby. (AoE)