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    June 27, 2015 by Tinhboe

    Hi people.

    As for 26/6 PBE patch, got mini reworked and will evolve into​at 30 stacks and stop accumulate stacks, and instead of giving infinite scaling to the magic on hit damage, now provide Phantom hit, a passive that reapplies on-hit effect every other/2 attack. 

    Theoretically, the passive increases its own damage out put by 50%, which mean you will deal 90 damage on hit, not much of a problem. But if it's built on attack reliant champs, the item can cause a lot of imbalance

    The item, on the first day released, was shown to be extremely strong on certain champs, namely Yi, Shyvana, and Skarner , and literally every champ with 3 hit stacks burst( footage of them building the item can be found HERE , watch it please :)

    • Yi procs double strik…
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  • Tinhboe

    Hi . My name is TinhBoe. Today i have something i need to discuss with you.

    Pre-4.5, most popular junglers are fighter such as , or assassins like and ​. Their preferred jungle item, in most cast, is . But since the introduction of , AA-reliant champs had a chance to perform. And their performances are so good ( at least at late game) that Riot had to nerf down to current state, which lead to less pick of and in jungle.

    IMO is not worth to buy now, as it doesn't provide as much damage as before nerf and its sustain is unnoticable at lategame. However, in LCS people still build it on jungle- (almost every game). I check on probuild and still be built a lot on AA-reliant junglers,especially on this . I really don't know why because i se…

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