Hi visitor. My name is TinhBoe. Today i have something i need to discuss with you.

Pre-4.5, most popular junglers are fighter such as Lee Sin Blind Monk, Jarvan IV Jarvan IV or assassins like Kha'Zix Kha'Zix and ​Pantheon Pantheon. Their preferred jungle item, in most cast, is Spirit of the Elder Lizard item.png Spirit of the Elder Lizard. But since the introduction of Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare, AA-reliant champs had a chance to perform. And their performances are so good ( at least at late game) that Riot had to nerf Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare down to current state, which lead to less pick of Xin Zhao Xin Zhao and Nocturne Nocturne in jungle.

IMO Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare is not worth to buy now, as it doesn't provide as much damage as before nerf and its sustain is unnoticable at lategame. However, in LCS people still build it on jungle-Rengar Rengar (almost every game). I check on probuild and Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare still be built a lot on AA-reliant junglers,especially on this Rengar Kat. I really don't know why because i see that Spirit of the Elder Lizard item.png Spirit of the Elder Lizard is better than Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare in damage, sustain in jungle and much more gold generation. I play jungle-Rengar Rengar a lot and find it stupid to get Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare. Could you give me some advice about which item should be used on which champs, and enlighten me about why people still buy Feral Flare item.png Feral Flare?

Thank you for reading.

EDIT : Thanks you all for the feedbacks. You guys really help me understand this matter more thoroughly. Actually i played a few Rengar games building FF and i still end up selling it at 40-mins-mark although i got about 35 stacks to get BotRK ( waste, isn't it ) (And FF only give me 46x gold at that time, nowhere near 1K gold as Suikeina said). I think i will still build SotEL on him nevertheless bc i build Assassin - Rengar Surprise-Kitty-Attack, not Tank-gar :P.  Tinhboe (talk) 18:02, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

P/s : Why LCS players never complete a Wriggle on Rengar but instead just leave it as a Madred for the entire game ? Isn't Wriggle useless if you don't build it into FF (because stack counter on machete and Madred is capped at 29 so you have to upgrade and get 1 more stack to make it transform) ? Can someone tell me?