Hi people.

As for 26/6 PBE patch, Devourer item Devourer got mini reworked and will evolve intoSated Devourer item Sated Devourer​at 30 stacks and stop accumulate stacks, and instead of giving infinite scaling to the magic on hit damage, now provide Phantom hit, a passive that reapplies on-hit effect every other/2 attack. 

Theoretically, the passive increases its own damage out put by 50%, which mean you will deal 90 damage on hit, not much of a problem. But if it's built on attack reliant champs, the item can cause a lot of imbalance

The item, on the first day released, was shown to be extremely strong on certain champs, namely Yi, Shyvana, and Skarner , and literally every champ with 3 hit stacks burst( footage of them building the item can be found HERE , watch it please :)

  • Yi procs double strike every 2 attacks, alternate between double strike and Phantom hit, effectively make him deal onhit effect twice with each attack.
  • Vayne procs her Silver Bolt every 2 attacks, the same as Vi, Godyr, Aaxtrox, Xin, etc with their 3-hit onhit.
  • Skarner can Q every 0.5 second just like URF.

BotRK, master yi and irelia true damage, wit's end, etc, will trigger 2 times in 1 attack

IMO this could against cause the AFK farming for 20 min and an unstoppable monster after that. I think Devourer is pretty balanced now, and i dont know why Riot want to create a potentially controversial item like this.

What is your guys opinion on this item? Underpower ( hell no). Balance. OP. Broken?