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    |date = (Month) (Day), (Year) |health =70 |attack =60 |spells =80 |difficulty =70 |hp =500 (+90) |mana =350 (+25) |damage =65 (+5) |range =125 |armor =20 (+4) |magicresist =25 (+3) |attackspeed =0.7 (+1.27%) |healthregen =10 (+1) |manaregen =5 (+0.5) |speed =350

    }}Carosia, The Broodmother is a champion in League of Legends.

    Carosia will burrow underground becoming untargetable and ignores unit collision but is unable to attack or use any skills for 5 seconds or until Burrow is activated again. Carosia can move with normal speed during this effect, but leaves behind a trail visible to enemy champions.

    |cooldown = |cost = 75 |costtype = energy


    Carosia produces acid in her bod…

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