• Tommo9898

    So, sort of a mix of fire and ice abilitys. 

    to put things on the table

    UNIQUE resource bar with only 1 increment.

    mid/low health

    mid AP (remember this when reading, the base damage is quite low)

    VERY low AD

    very ability based champion and focuses on not getting hit while doing high damage by chaining together multiple abilities.

    Passive: If an ability does maximum damage (all to enemy champion(s)), resource bar is refilled. After an ability has been cast, you cannot basic attack for two seconds. 

    Q: throws out a tendril of fire which snares the target. if cast again the tendril comes back and then arcs to the targets location in an arc (vertically) dealing damage over time

    W: leaps into the air in the specified direction and becoming untargetable,…

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