• Tommyboy5555

    This is a Champion Concept I came up with that I find intriguing. It's a new concept for a champion with a lot of potential imo. Numbers and stats and CD's are beyond what I want to try to figure out so run with it. Shoot holes and beat up the idea so much that Riot will look at it ;). Or love it and kiss your screen because you're in love with the concept. Either way, make Zilla work. I'd be interested in seeing this champion in game rocking the dead or living or whatever.

    Zilla, Shadow of the Grave

    Zilla starts the game in her ethereal/spirit form at 0 hp. The goal of the enemy team is to give her enough HP to revive her and then kill her.

    While dead: Zilla’s AP is increased AD decreased. Skills scale with AP. Her spirit-like form is grey a…

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