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    enemies it damages for seconds.

    |targeting=Pyromania is a passive ability that triggers when Annie has cast 4 abilities. |spellshield=Will block the stun. |additional=

    • will stun the first person hit for the entire duration and any others for half and will stun all enemies hit.
    • reflected damage and damaging aura will not apply the stun.
    • The stun applies to the first ability that lands when the stun is available. If you cast followed by while the stun is available and Disintegrate is in the air, the stun will apply to Incinerate.
    • The stun will not be consumed if the target of becomes untargetable or the projectile is destroyed by .

    |video=Annie IVideo.ogv }}

    Annie hurls a fireball in a straight line, dealing magic damage.

    |leveling= |range=525 |cool…

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