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    Nunu Rework Ideas

    December 20, 2015 by Toymakers Creation


    Greetings all, these are my ideas for a rework of Nunu. This rework is aimed at making Nunu more interesting and reliable overall, and allowing him to have success as a top laner, jungler, or niche support. A lot of these changes are made so that Nunu isn't forced into the jungle through mana gating and the Consume buff mechanic. Adding more nuance to Nunu's abilities will hopefully give him and his opponents more interesting ways of interacting with him abilities. I put commentaries on the changes I made in the ability descriptions, oh and I highly recommend reading the ability details of the E ability. It has some nuance to it that I didn't know how to properly express in the proper description.

     Killing a unit grants Nunu 15% bonus move…

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  • Toymakers Creation

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    DISCLAIMER: I possess only a remedial understanding on stats and scalings, so for all I know the numbers present could all be absolutely terrible. All aid with said numbers would be very appreciated!

    Name, the Ruined King is a …

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  • Toymakers Creation

    This is my attempt at retelling the story of the events that lead to the creation of the Shadow Isles, filling it in with lore bits and I suppose is mostly headcanon. Sorry for the wall of text but I think this was as concise as I could get all the details in that I wanted in. Enjoy!

    Part 1. The Revenant

    "The powers that govern life and death are not to be trifled with. The Shattered Crown is a king’s reward for defying the shadow’s embrace. I believe we are meant to ponder mortality through poetry and verse, not enslave it to our will.”

    Before the Shadow Isles was the accursed and vile land it is now, it was home to a sacred forest, filled with natural energy and teeming with all forms of life. Many species of animal and spirit called the pl…

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  • Toymakers Creation

    Sir Steve VII, the Superb Swordsman is a custom champion in League of Legends. HE IS VERY MUCH STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. FEEDBACK AND CRITICISM IS APPRECIATED!

    , but Sir Steve can still use Summoner Spells and item active abilities while Exhausted. }}

    Sir Steve begins channeling, increasing the damage and duration of HYAAA!! over 1.5 seconds. Sir Steve can still move while channeling, but he cannot attack or use his other abilities, and his movement speed is slowed by 10%. The Stamina cost of this ability is not taken out until the second cast.

    |description2 = Sir Steve swings his sword around him, spinning once for every 0.5 seconds spent charging. The first spin deals normal damage, the second spin deals the same amount of damage but also slow…

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