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  • Tracifer

    Ive had this idea for a champion for a while, and didnt know where to post it for the possiblity of the developers to see it. So instead of it sitting in my head, i figured id put it here. This isnt 100% thought out, i just wanted the idea out there, so the developers might like it and pick it up and tweak it a bit.

    - Kavai's look would be best described as a lot like Soul Caliber 5's "Mitsurugi". The classic samurai with one arm out of the sleeve for quick case fighting sword slashes. With battle scars across the face.

    - He's obviously Ionian

    - He uses either Energy, or some new type of mechanic like Energy or Rage.

    - His "style" is very "anime" where he slashes very fast, but not much happens until he puts his sword back into the case. Then …

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