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Galdur, The Ancient Lawbringer

Tridan V2 February 18, 2016 User blog:Tridan V2


So I'm very sorry that I have deleted this, but I will explain.

Some time ago I was working on this concept with a friend of mine. It was his concept and I was helping him set it up, adding depth and balance it out as I am the guy who works the most on these concepts within my band of friends. However, I forgot to log off on his laptop and he uploaded this champion concept without my permission on my account.

I agree with most commentors saying that he lacks a cohesive theme, depth, or balance on his ultimate, and the concept was therefore not ready to be uploaded yet.

I only discovered it was uploaded today, and that's why I took it down.

Sorry to bother yall, I'll have a firm talk with my friend as to not touch my account without my permission >.>

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