1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 375 (+85) 1820 Attack damage 35 (+4) 103
Health regen. 5.5 (+0.6) 15.7 Attack speed 0.7 (+1.5%) 26.2%
Mana 240 (+40) 920 Armor 11 (+3.5) 70.5
Mana regen. 6.25 (+0.6) 16.5 Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 525 Mov. speed 325
Horius, Watcher of the Sands is a custom champion in League of Legends.


Eagle's Eyes
Unseen Predator

Horius eagle's eyes grant him enhanced vision. Causing his vision range to be extended to 1300-radius.

Essence Grasp
RANGE: 800
COST: 40 mana
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Soul Eater

Active: Horius sends a spirit version of his hand forward, grasping the first enemy champion hit. Dealing magic damage and Root icon rooting his enemy for 0.5 seconds. When Essence Grasp ends, Horius gains bonus Spell Vamp for 2 seconds.

  • Magic Damage: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+ 80% AP)
  • Spell Vamp Bonus: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%

If Essence Grasp kills the enemy champion, Horius gains +1% spell vamp. This effect stacks, half of the stacks are lost upon death.

Sands of the Desert
RANGE: 700
COST: 65 mana
Panduhz Deathly Sands W

Active: Horius releases the sands of the desert to encase the target enemy. Dealing magic damage over 5 seconds. Within 1 second after the cast, Horius can cast Flames of the Desert.

  • Magic Damage per Second: 10 / 20 / 25 / 35 / 40 (+15% AP)
  • Total Magic Damage: 50 / 100 / 125 / 175 / 200 (+ 60% AP)
Flames of the Desert
COST: 65 mana
Pillar of Flame

Active: Horius releases the burning heat of the desert on the enemy affected with Sands of the Desert. Turning the sand into glass. This deals magic damage and Stun icon stuns the target for 0.75 seconds.

  • Magic Damage: 40 / 80 / 100 / 140 / 160 (+40% AP)
  • Total Magic Damage: 50 / 100 / 125 / 175 / 200 (+55% AP)
Shurima Shield
RANGE: 750
COST: 55 mana
COOLDOWN: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Targon's Brace item

Active: Horius uses ancient Shuriman magic to form a protective shock shield around the target allied champion. Airborne icon Knocking back all enemies that come within 125-range of the target during the cast, but not after the shield is created. The shield remains for 4 seconds, absorbing some damage.

  • Shield Strength: 50 / 80 / 120 / 175 / 220 (+ 40% AP)

COST: 100 mana
Fury of the Sands

Horius changes to his demigod form for 15 seconds, gaining wings and increased size. This gives him increased movement speed and health. While Divinity lasts, he gains the ability to perform Prospector once.

  • Increased Health: 300 / 450 / 600
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 30 / 45 / 60%
Heightened Senses

Horius jumps up in the air, out of screen. Becoming untargetable and gaining Sight icon vision around his original location. Horius can stay in the air for up to 4 seconds. After 4 seconds or when Divinity ends, Horius will drop to the ground on the location closest to the cursor. While Prospector lasts, he gains the ability to cast Solar Fall once.

  • Range: 2500 / 3000 / 3500
Solar Fall
Lunar Rush

After 0.5 seconds, Horius crashes down at the target location. Dealing magic damage to and Airborne icon knocking back all enemies within 300-range around him. Before he crashes down, enemies can see a shadow on the ground.

  • Magic Damage: 175 / 250 / 325 (+ 80% AP)


NasusSquare Nasus and RenektonSquare Renekton had other family, indeed. One of the most talented was Horius, their nephew. Horius was born during the Great War and grew up to be a good friend of the crown-princess Kiya. They both shared the same passion for magic, but at the age of 15 Kiya was called to become Queen. Horius was appointed to be her personal guard. After NasusSquare Nasus vanished, he became Kiya's counselor and librarian.

Sadly enough, it was not to be. As Kiya got corrupted by her own power, Horius was appointed to take care of the angry crowds that wanted to remove Kiya from her throne. Corrupted by her avarice, Kiya did not even notice her childhood friend slowly being outmatched by the angry mobs. After long time struggling, Horius was outmatched. As the angry crowds chased after Kiya, Horius felt a strange sensation.

As happened before with RenektonSquare Renekton and NasusSquare Nasus. It is possible that summoner-magic spreads. Horius was summoned to Valoran, but as spreaded Summoner-magic is very inaccurate he wasn't transported to the Institute of War. Instead he was teleported to the desolate Ironspike Mountains. It took months before AniviaSquare Anivia found him, half-dead and half-frozen. Kiya seems to have forgotten him. And now he tries to remind her of what happened at home, what she left there. What she had done...

Young, yes. Inexperienced, maybe. But his natural talent is not be taken lightly.

- NasusSquare Nasus



  • “With the sands of the desert”
  • “Over there? Are you sure?”
  • “Mmmh”
  • “Agreed”
  • “On wings of fury”
  • “I'll find you...”


  • “Mmh-mmh, sparkling”
  • “With claws and flames”
  • “Ashes to ashes”
  • “Anthropoman-what?!”
  • “Remember what you've done”

Upon using 'Targon's Brace item Shurima Shield':

  • “Shurima!”
  • “Protect!”

Upon using 'Soul Eater Essence Grasp':

  • “YOU!”
  • “Your essence is refreshing”

Upon using 'Fury of the Sands Divinity':

  • “Finally!”

Upon using 'Heightened Senses Prospector':

  • “To the skies!”
  • “Farewell, *grins*”

Upon revealing a stealthed unit with 'Heightened Senses Prospector':

  • “Got you!”
  • “You can't hide!”

Upon using 'Lunar Rush Solar Fall':

  • “Crash!”
  • “The sun will fall like Shurima!”


  • “I really don't like TwitchSquare mice, they keep getting stuck in my throat...”
  • “I wanna fly like an eagle...” (He sings this)


  • “I surpass ALL of you!”

Upon selection:

  • “On wings of Sand”

Special quote when allied NasusSquare Nasus or RenektonSquare Renekton is near:

  • “Uncle! I finally found you!”

Special quote when enemy NasusSquare Nasus or RenektonSquare Renekton is near:

  • “You are meant to fall, just like Shurima!”
  • "I was destined to surpass you long ago”

Special quote when allied Kiya is near:

  • “Can't we be friends again?”

Special quote when enemy Kiya is near:

  • “Know what you have done!”
  • “Can't you remember?”

Special quote when allied Stacy is near:

  • "What a delightful surprise to see you here..."
  • "Mind if I join you?"

Special quote when enemy Stacy is near:

  • "You too?"
  • "Don't get in my way!"

Special quote when enemy Kabu'Naar is near:

  • "You will pay for what you did to him!"
  • "Duraga was a good man, unlike you!"

Special quote when allied Kabu'Naar is near:

  • "Battle comes before revenge..."
  • "We will be allies... for now..."

Special quote when allied Jeefal is near:

  • "The sands unite..."
  • "Sands and sands make.... Sands!"

Special quote when enemy Jeefal is near:

  • "I understand your pain, but I will not tolerate it!"
  • "Are you lost, wanderer?"

Special quote when allied Apophis is near:

  • "Aaah, Apophis. It has been a long time..."
  • "Allied with evil, where am I going with my life?"

Special quote when enemy Apophis is near:

  • "I will NOT hestitate to purge you!"
  • "I will seal you again, like you were sealed before!"

Special quote when allied Seropox is near:

  • "I don't hold any grudge against you, Defender."
  • "You're a defender, so defend us!"

Special quote when enemy Seropox is near:

  • "If you are a true Defender, defend yourself!"
  • "You can't defend others from yourself! You're not a Defender!"

Skin & Trivia:Edit

Tridan V2 Horus

I found it on the internet. I do not own this picture but it is exactly the same as how I imagined him so I used it.

  • Horius is based on the egyptian gods Horus and Ra.
  • Horius is the cousin of league champions NasusSquare Nasus and RenektonSquare Renekton.
  • Horius is one of the 3 champions in the league with an ability that has 3 separate actives. The other ones being RivenSquare Riven and YasuoSquare Yasuo.
  • Horius and Kabu'Naar are enemies of each other outside of the league.
  • Horius is the son of prince Duraga, whom was killed by Kabu'Naar
  • Horius and Kiya are childhood friends, but have become enemies.
  • Horius has joined Stacy's religion.
  • There are rumors that Stacy is Horius' love interest. These rumors aren't confirmed however.
  • One of his jokes is based on the song 'I wanna fly like an eagle' by the Steve-Miller band.