This is an idea for a new matchmode.

Okay, imagine the Howling Abyss map. Without the giant chasm beneath it. In a jungle like area. Without the Towers or the Inhibitors or even the Nexus. With a big, hexagonal plaza in the middle with gates at the entrances. Now imagine a big, impenetrable wall in the of the entire mape, going from border to border. And lots of small paths and jungle all around the mid lane, filled with not only normal jungle monsters like Golems, Wraiths and Wolves. But also with Ancient Golems, Lizard Elders, Dragons and even the Vilemaw.

This is my idea of a map.

The creatures that live on the left side of the blue team's area are:

A group of Young Lizards. (2 Young Lizards)

A group of Wraiths.

A group of Golems.

A Lizard Elder. (with 2 Young Lizards)

A Dragon. 

The Creatures that live on the right side of the blue team's area are:

A group of Young Lizards.

A group of Wolves.

A group of Golems.

An Ancient Golem. (with 2 Young Lizards)

A Vilemaw.

There's also a Baron Nashor in front of the gate that leads to the main plaza.

The idea is that you have to work together with your team to level up and kill some Jungle Monsters. You can also buy items from the gold you get. There are a few gates in the game. One in front of the Vilemaw, one in front of the Baron Nashor and one in front of the Main Plaza. The idea is that you train a bit with your team. Then you go and kill the Dragon. When the Dragon is killed for the first time, the gate in front of the Vilemaw is permanently opened. When the Vilemaw is killed for the first time, the gate in front of the Baron Nashor is permanently opened. After that, you and your team try to kill the Baron Nashor, note that the Baron Nashor is a much weaker version than the Summoner's Rift Baron, since that one is hard to kill with up to 5 people. This Baron can be killed by 3 and is therefore much weaker. After you've killed the Baron Nashor, the Baron Nashor won't respawn and the gate to the plaza is permanently opened. You then have to wait for the other team to kill the Baron. When that has happened, the giant wall in the middle will vanish, causing the jungles to get connected. The goal is then to get an Ace for the first time. There are no turrets so both of the jungles and the entire lane is open and the teams are free to roam wherever they want, but the goal is to get an ace for the first time. This means victory.