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New Champ Idea :)

Hi guys! This is my first post, with a new champion idea! His name is  (I need a fancy sounding name.). I just made him up, so he can still use work.

Lore: Once a wealthy and revered Zaunite buisnessman, Jeantelle used his ill-obtained fortunes (earned by scams) to put on flashy shows, and used the revenue for his own further gain. One day he was asked to try on a new thing called a "Shadow Cloak". When he donned it, the cloak bound to him, giving him use of it. Using his stage skills, acrobatics, and newfound cloak, Jeantelle travelled north to the League of Legends to show people what REAL entertainment was.

Q: Dash Stab

rushes forward and damages any enemy he hits with his cane in the path.

W: Shadow Cloak

Wraps his cloak around himself, buffing magic resist and slowing enemies in range.

E: Flourish

Does a backflip, slightly damaging and knocking back enemies. If the knocked back enemy hits terrain, they take additional damage. If they  hit a champion on their team, that champion takes some damage.

R: Zaunite Immunity

Turns invisible for 7 seconds. if he targets and enemy while in this state, he teleports to them and damages them. Using another skill will cancel the invisibility.

Passive: Smart Buisnessman

This champion can buy items for a slightly recuced price, and can sell back items for a better %

upon selection: Ladies and Gentleman, are you ready for the show?

Joke: Allow me to present the Great and Mighty (Random team member)! *crowd cheers* Yes, thats the spir- Wait, where did that come from?

Taunt: May I have a volunteer? No? Then i'll have to pick one myself... (Evil Laugh)

Death: The show... The show Must Go ON!

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