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  • Troll the Fools

    'So what is this?'

    This is a blog post about the vocal community of players on LoL who say that Darius, Tryndamere, Fiora and Master Yi are broken and OP and need nerfs. I know that we all where new to the game at some point...

    • Back when every champion who could deal high damage with just auto attacks was considered OP because 'They are no skill, they just right clicked for win'.
    • When we thought fiddle was OP because he had a 3 second stun against a 5 phantom dancer AD carry...
    • When we thought tryndamere was OP because he can live for 5 seconds after losing ALL his health and people refused to CC him because they already wasted it on the tank...

    But can people understand that blaming the champion is a very childish solution to losing your lane…

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  • Troll the Fools

    This is my first blog post ever. If the layout is wrong (as in their are set rules on it) then I didn't find them...

    Now, we all know the metagame currently. It consists of:

    • An AD and AP carry (The 50/50 mixup of MOBA's, both are ranged usually to make them easier to defend)
    • A tanky DPS (Solotop or jungle, largely is a distraction from the real damage dealers)
    • A tank (Also solotop or jungle, less of a distraction and more of an active defender for the damage dealers. Tends to start the fights with a CC ability)
    • And a support (usually a healer, does utilities like wards, aura buffs and healing)

    I am not very good at League of Legends, but as of current this is the most accepted way of doing things, yes?

    The AP carry goes mid as AP champions are gr…

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