This is my first blog post ever. If the layout is wrong (as in their are set rules on it) then I didn't find them...

Now, we all know the metagame currently. It consists of:

  • An AD and AP carry (The 50/50 mixup of MOBA's, both are ranged usually to make them easier to defend)
  • A tanky DPS (Solotop or jungle, largely is a distraction from the real damage dealers)
  • A tank (Also solotop or jungle, less of a distraction and more of an active defender for the damage dealers. Tends to start the fights with a CC ability)
  • And a support (usually a healer, does utilities like wards, aura buffs and healing)

I am not very good at League of Legends, but as of current this is the most accepted way of doing things, yes?

The AP carry goes mid as AP champions are great when they get there ultimate, as AD carries goes bot as they rely on auto-attacks and therefore, AD items, for damage output. AD joins the support at bottom lane for free gold from creeps and control over dragon while the AP take the high XP mid lane. They build little to no defenses to cram as much AD/AP into there flimsy bodies as possible, and rely on a tank to defend them.

The jungler is important for map control, to stop the free jungle gold and buffs getting to the enemy, and to gank lanes which had a bad start. It gives the least gold aside from support, which only gets what their GP5 item gives them.

Solo-top is just, in my opinion, the spare lane. It is out of the way and only baron is nearby, which only needs the occasional ward. So we put the bruiser there for solo-farm of creeps and level gain, and to obviously stop the taking of top tower.

So is it weird to think that the jungler should always be a tank?

My reasoning for this is that tanks are some of the best gankers in the game (maokai, volibear, naultilus and rammus just to name a few), they don't need items to be effective (CC in no way scales with anything but CDR) and can use this to buy extra wards. The support is bottom lane, it would be difficult to ward all the buffs AND ward bot lane AND look after the AD carry.

A bruiser is generally better for top-lane as they can abuse the brush coverage (Riven, garen, Jax) and can use the gold to make their damage more effective.

Certain junglers are, to put it bluntly, build bruiser for a reason (Udyr and skarner, notably some of the best junglers), but I feel that the team will gain more from there farmed Cho or Nasus top, while pure tanks like Malphite rock the jungle with its mediocre gold output, ganking and warding for the win?