• Tsunderemio

    Sona Rework Concept

    November 14, 2016 by Tsunderemio

    This concept completely revolves around the idea of the community which is to shift her into a "spell-order" based mage, similar to the gameplay of Invoker from DotA. Though I've personally never played DotA before, I'm doing my best to create an idea that doesn't stray too far from what it's supposed to be.

    In this concept, she might become more of a jack-of-all-trades champion, due to her songs having variety (ten songs?).

    Circle of Melody will allow Sona to retain her identity as an aura support, and is similar to her old gameplay, only that it rotates without the constant use of her abilities. To play around this, Sona and her allies will have to time their engages and trades to have an advantage in the situation, like engaging in a trad…

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