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    February 22, 2015 by Turret49

    When her Courage is below 50 she is Cautious, gaining 20 movement speed when moving away from a visible enemy champion.}} When her Courage is 50 or above she is Reckless, gaining 20 movement speed when moving toward a visible enemy champion.}}

    }} | x level beyond 1)% of damage received before mitigation, including damage blocked by Don't hit me!.

      • This amounts to requiring 50 damage to gain 5 Fury at level 1, and about 200 damage to gain 5 Fury at level 18.
    • After 10 seconds of no Fury gain, her Fury drains at 1 fury per second.
      • Fury cannot fall below 15 without using abilities, and standing in the Spawning Pool will prevent Fury from draining until 10 seconds after she has left the area.
    • All Fury is lost on death.
    • The bonus movespeed reduction is…

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