• TurtleConvoy

    Han, the Iron Tailor is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Lore: Han was a old tailor in an Ionian village. He was very renowned for his clothing. During the Noxus war on Ionia, Han grew tired of the constant Noxian troops sent to annex his village. In one Noxian squad visit, Han couldn’t hold back his rage, in retaliation, he pulled down his iron ring gauntlets and ambushed the Noxian squad. After the ambush, Noxus heard about the mess and sent a fleet of troops to the village and hopes of annexing the village. But Han was ready for more of the troops. Hiding in his tailor shop, he knew the perfect moment to strike. Looking for independence, he stumbled upon the Institute and asked for help they answered yes but in return they asked hi…

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