Hey my names Tyler(IGN: immortalChamp) one of my riends introduced me to League of Legends last october and i was really looking for an online game i wasnt gonna be bored with. Played a game or 2 everyday when soon after started playing 5 to 8 games a day . i have really fallen in love with this game the community of LoL is awesome all the fan art, info, fan made stuff is amazing. I am really proud of Riot all an all they have one of the best if not the best Moba out there and i shall continue to play this game for many days to come.

My Fav champ :D would have to be Tryndamere. he is just a beast i love late game tryndamere 1000+ crits. just ransacking there base and 2 or 3 hitting there ap nukes is just fun stuff. He is probably one of the best people to easliy get in and out of battle Spinning Slash + Flash= beast :P only down fall to tryn is exhaust I dread the day i come against a team that has 5 exhaust while i am tryn. i love what riot did with him some people may disagree but the fury system on him works great i do feel a slight difference in his crits but not really much of a difference that would make me not want to play him.See you all on the field of justice. DEMACIA!!!


Ps, I <3 my DemonBlade Tryndamere
Tryndamere DemonbladeSkin