• Tylobic

    This blog contains all the information you need to be able to edit a patch history correctly. If you notice anything missing or that you would like to add, tell it in the comments.

    The following words should always be used:

    • increased
    • reduced
    • changed

    The following words should be avoided:

    • lowered
    • decreased
    • modified

    • Every change has to end with a period.
    • Every decimal number needs to be using the template.
      • Base attack speed increased to from .
    • Every change gives first the new value and then the old value:
      • Movement speed bonus increased to from .
    • Every change concerning a duration modification only writes "seconds" once, after the new value:
      • Duration reduced to 2 seconds from 3.
    • Every change that is about a scaling per rank changed to a static value at all ranks, o…

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  • Tylobic

    Hey guys ! I've recently seen this page, and I though about doing the same for the game Borderlands. I am warning you, this is nothing to be taken seriously, this is simply and purely for fun. Enjoy.

    Roland, the Soldier is a custom champion, created from the playable character in Borderlands 1 Roland.

    He uses a Combat Rifle as a main weapon but can also use a Shotgun and Grenades as abilities. He can summon a Scorpio Turret as an ultimate ability.

    Roland shoots his shotgun in a cone, dealing physical damage to the first enemies hit as well as 250 units away.

    |leveling = |Maximum Physical Damage| }} |cooldown = |cost = 60 |costtype = mana |range = }}

    Killing an unit grants for 2 seconds, subsequent kills extend the durati…

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  • Tylobic

    Masteries' Patch History

    January 16, 2016 by Tylobic

    Hello LoLwikiers, I was thinking about adding a Patch History on all the mastery pages. This will be bring some useful informations about the changes that happened to the mastery.

    It is going to take a lot of time (I'm thinking about doing it for the S1, S2, S3 ...), and I want to know if anyone disagree with this idea, if so, why ?

    Also if anyone wants to help me in the insane data-adding adventure, I would be glad to work with them :)

    Tylobic, 16/01/16. PEACE !

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  • Tylobic

    • Hello ladies and gentlemen, this page is about the fun remake of all League of Legends' champions and items in a realistic way, were guns one-shot people, and Lee Sin jumps are just impossible.
    • Hope you enjoy it.

    % of his current health}} over 5 seconds. |description2 = Upon taking lethal damage, Aatrox gives a double kill. Indeed when he die, Aatrox try to revive himself by drinking his own blood, which makes him die a second time. |description3 = Aatrox is a creepy dude, and the only champ who can be damaged by his allies. }}}}

    Aatrox tries to jump off the floor and manage to take a 10-inch height, but lands in a terrible way, breaking both of his legs and dealing magic to him damage over time due to the hemorrhage he's suffering.

    |leveling …

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  • Tylobic

    |attack_delay=-0.04 |as_base=0.65 |dam_base=46 |arm_base=15 |mr_base=30 |hp_base=450 |mp_base=0 |hp5_base=4.6 |mp5_base=0 |as_lvl=1.37 |dam_lvl=2.7 |arm_lvl=4 |hp_lvl=75 |mp_lvl=0 |hp5_lvl=0.6 |mp5_lvl=0 |resource=Fury |title=the Dark Warlock |herotype=Mage |health=4 |attack=3 |spells=7 |difficulty=8 |ip=7800 |rp=975 }}

    Gardylan, the Dark Warlock is a project champion. He is a mage that needs to incant his spells before casting them. He has great mobility thanks to his Temporal Distortion (E spell), and a powerful thanks to his Spectral Orb (Q spell). He hardly relies on his demon Eileryl (W spell), which deals the biggest part of Gardylan's damage. Eileryl's damage scales with Gardylan's, as his only source of damage is basic attacks that deal magi…

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