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...But if you had to pick?

Typhron August 25, 2014 User blog:Typhron

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I'm sick again and making blog posts, so everyone run away.

Here's a question for you, LoLWiki goers. Which champion is your 'favourite'?

Which champion is your favourite aesthetically? (looks or sounds pretty/badass/awesome? Best login theme, if any?)

Which champion is your favourite kinesthetically? (feels good/fun/overpowered/challenging/JUST right? Most satisfying kills/killsecures?)

Which is your favourite champion lore-wise? (uh...pretty self-explanatory)

I'm interested to know the whats and whys. Wax on as much as you'd like. But when it gets right down to it, you must only pick one of each.

Edit: Wow, this got more coverage than I thought. Going to be tally thing up privately and showing the results after a few days for those interested.

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