March 7th Update: Holy shit, how did this get so many comments?

I was going to make a relevant blog post about my thoughts on Renekton and deleted them about halfway through 'cause I said them elsewhere. That and the conversation was long since over.

Essentially what I said, or was going to say, was this:

He's a tanky dps I prefer to build like a full on AD carry sans crit or AS due to how his abilities feel and scale. An AD caster carry that is high risk vs reward that feels rewarding to build, play, etc. Which is why, after owning for well over a year he's still one of my favourite champions to both play and dick around with.

As an unorthodox AD carry.

As a tanky DPS? There are a whole hell lot better despite him able to fill the role quite well. Almost any melee champ with an AS steriod will out do the gator normally, however. The champion that was/is essentially his sister (made by the same dev, controls and feels the same, etc) Riven does this job a whole lot better due to her innate tankiness and more cc heavy kit. It's one of the reasons why he was immediately dropped from the role after Jarvan IV came along (or when Nasus was buffed, oddly enough). If people want to play him this way, he's going to need a slight buff. A very slight buff. At the least he could NOT be listed as one of the easier champions to play like he's listed now.

Don't ever build him as a pure tank. Ever.

In the end, Renekton suffers from a few problems that's plagued him from day one, and could use a few changes. Especially with the ever changing metagame. Some scaling improvements would also help, too. Personally, though, I like him as an AD caster carry, and would LOVE to see that supported. There's something almost Dota-like in terms of it's feel, something unique that other carries or skill heavy champs don't provide (with the exception of Graves, Ezreal, Urgot, etc). You carve up your oppenent with more then just auto attacks and leave them, destroyed, 'cause you couldn't be arsed. Any jerk with an IE can just shoot a man dead, but it takes a certain level of finesse to kill a man so dead that his friends actually think twice about going after you.

Yep. that's essentially it. Now to figure out how people found out about this in the first place...