• Tyranitar12

    Hey everyone, Tyranitar12 here brining you the latest on the skins splash update for previously updated champions. This project started all the way back in 6.9 with Trundle, followed by Tristana, Nidalee, Sion, Fiora, Twitch and Karma. Champion Updates also are included, started with Poppy back in 5.24 who was followed by Shen, Taric, Ryze, Yorick, Warwick, Galio, Urgot and Evelynn. So with that I am bringing you the current list and before you ask "This list is fake.", please note that this list HAS BEEN CONFIRMED by Reav3 (lead producer of the Champion Update team).

    UPDATE 1: Miss Fortune splashes currently in the works!!! (Iceboxed until they can get another artist as they are currently are down by one)

    UPDATE 2: Swain revealed to be the …

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