• Tyranitar12

    Hey everyone, Tyranitar12 here bringing you a special list, this time on Seasonal skins.

    Please note that a seasonal skin is celebratory/holiday related (Snowdown Showdown, Harrowing, Lunar Revel, April Fool's Day, Valentine's Day) so skins like Pool Party, PROJECT, Arcade and Blood Moon are out of the question. NOTE: I am not including the FIFA World Cup and Winter Olympics skins as those don't really count as seasonal skins.

    So with that out of the way, let's begin!!

    • - Re-Gifted and Surprise Party
    • - FrankenTibbers, Panda and Sweetheart
    • - Warring Kingdoms
    • - Snow Day
    • - Definitely Not Blitzcrank
    • - Zombie
    • - Santa
    • - Lunar Wraith
    • - Jade Fang
    • - Urfrider and Dragonwing
    • - Lunar Goddess
    • - Mundo Mundo
    • - Draven Draven
    • - Pumpkinhead and Dark Candy
    • - Headmistress
    • - F…

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  • Tyranitar12

    Hey everyone, Tyranitar12 here brining you the latest on the skins splash update for previously updated champions. This project started all the way back in 6.9 with Trundle, followed by Tristana, Nidalee, Sion, Fiora and Twitch. So with that I am bringing you the current list and before you ask "This list is fake.", please note that this list HAS BEEN CONFIRMED by Reav3 (lead producer of the Champion Update team).

    UPDATE 1: Miss Fortune splashes currently in the works!!! (has been put on hold for Eve splashes)

    UPDATE 2: Swain revealed to be the next VGU!!!

    UPDATE 3: Xin Zhao will get his classic splash art updated shortly after his Gameplay Update!!!

    NOTE: Haunted Maokai splash is currently ice-boxed for the time being.

    That is all for now, let…

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  • Tyranitar12

    Hey everyone, Riot has launched a new page called Universe where you can check the stories of every champion (about 7 champions have received new lore)!!!

    NOTE: Missing Fizz, seems like his bio has not been updated to remove the references below.

    UPDATE: New Color Stories for Caitlyn, Jayce, Orianna and Vi. Updating blog post with new bios and color stories!!!

    A lot of champions got their short bios updated and any references to summoners, the Institute of War and the League of Legends were removed. All champions are in alphabetical order. I have compiled them below, old and new:

    And that should do it, let me know what you guys think. There will be more in the future but that is all we have for now.

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