• Tyrant Belial

    With a new season and more goshdarned jungle changes. I have a new blog, just like the previous feral flare one. This is naturally on checking which champs do well with which smite upgrade, and stat upgrade after, as well as what is likely to form from the new tiers that will likely come. Also RIP Atma's. Note: Due to Teambuilder being disabled and the long wait time in matchmaking, this will take a lot longer to fill up.

    Edit: Warrior feels underwhelming out of all 4.

    Edit: Slayer is going to be nerfed.

    Edit: Changes are back! . . .So is Godyr. Warrior got buffed, Slayer rebalanced into new flare and no guinsoo effect (shame). Infact, all jungle items have been buffed. Time to get started when PBE is back up.


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  • Tyrant Belial

    Feral Flare tests

    April 4, 2014 by Tyrant Belial

    I've been doing tests on which junglers can actually get Feral Flare at pre 30 time, keep it, and make more use of it then the spirit items. The tiering will be explained after this paragraph, the purpose is mainly to see the overall balance of Feral Flare, in relation to champions. If it turns out to be Broken on a majority. Then we can conclude maybe the item itself is broken. You can comment on your own experiences as well.

    Update #1: After Nocturne, I am actually worried. There shouldn't even be 2 God Tiers. But this item is providing an abonormal amount of Baron Solo's within the 20-30 minute mark, considering the average time it takes to GET THE ITEM is around when Baron first spawns. This is coincidental but leads up to obvious plays…

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  • Tyrant Belial

    You ever think that if you were your own teammates you'd never lose? Course you have it's the nature of league to assume everyone else sucks, the server runs on it. Well I've been thinking this over again and again over how it would work and whether that would be true or not. What would the default team be and how effective would it actually be based on how you build all of them? As I've looked over myself and holy shit bot is in a shitfest as the lower my lane is the less champ choices I have, down to a whopping 2 for ADC.

    ADC: Vayne or Quinn, but most likely Vayne, she is far stornger late game, she's good against health stackers, has a much needed knock back and stun. I also love her mobility later in game.

    Support: Blitz, Naut, or Thresh…

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  • Tyrant Belial

    I really only thought this up because soemone said to bring back Ebonmaw as a undead champ

    And it was really cool idea but that's all they said

    Name: Ebonmaw, The Undead Terror

    Passive - Petrified Flames:

    Ebonmaw's undead state leaves his soul burning in anger, all minions and monsters that attack are inflicted with 10/20/30 magic damage over 3 seconds.

    Q - Rending Bite

    Mana Cost: 45 Cooldown: 8 seconds Range: 150

    Active: Ebonmaw bare's his sharp undead fangs and deals 15/25/40/65/100 (+1.0 AD) physical damage, slowing them by 2/4/6/8/10% and revealing them for 4 seconds.

    W - Wrath of the Terror

    Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 25/22/20/18/15 seconds

    Passive: Ebonmaw's attacks slow the target's attack speed by 5/8/12/16/20% for 2.5 seconds.

    Active: Ebonmaw's …

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  • Tyrant Belial

    For the last week, I've gotten back into League of Legends after a brief break from it, and now I have a problem.

    I can't win, it's not that I suck now, as of late I've been paired up with good players and 1 player whose managed to drag us down so much we can't recover. I either get locked in a draw in my lane or win it, while one of the other lanes lose very quickly. Even got an unofficial Pentakill in one game and we still lost. No matter how good I'm doing in-game I can't seem to pull off a win.

    My Last few games:

    22/10/21 -Skarner, unofficial Penta, mid said it wans't there account after feeding hard

    6/14/14 -Skarner, supported Akali, she was fed to hell, Jax fed Irelia, but then began to snowball, our team surrendered for some reason (we …

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