For the last week, I've gotten back into League of Legends after a brief break from it, and now I have a problem.

I can't win, it's not that I suck now, as of late I've been paired up with good players and 1 player whose managed to drag us down so much we can't recover. I either get locked in a draw in my lane or win it, while one of the other lanes lose very quickly. Even got an unofficial Pentakill in one game and we still lost. No matter how good I'm doing in-game I can't seem to pull off a win.

My Last few games:

22/10/21 -Skarner, unofficial Penta, mid said it wans't there account after feeding hard

6/14/14 -Skarner, supported Akali, she was fed to hell, Jax fed Irelia, but then began to snowball, our team surrendered for some reason (we were even)

11/7/12 -Skarner, top fed Jax, again were even aside from that, enemy team had same problem of having a shitty mid

13/6/15 -Mordekaiser, draw in middle Lane, Lux went squishy but avoided all conflict and got fed off top, I got fed off bot, they had 3 ap, one offtank ap, and one ad, my team built all armor. (in their defnse Garen had most kills on their team, half from his ulti, which is magic damage)

11/6/2 -Skarner, Caitlyn said she had 2k ping which wouldn't go away, I once had 12k ping with the last few patches, but she said it was gone after awhile, she still fed hard from facechecking all the time.

My bro said it's because I refuse to carry the bad player, I'm wondering, is it actually something I'm doing wrong, or am I just stuck with bad luck?