• U N Ovvrn

    Kha'Zix rebalance

    July 4, 2014 by U N Ovvrn

    Alright, i decided to make a blog post regarding Kha. First, lets state the obvious. Kha is in a very bad place. He is worth- and useless. And with the upcoming Manamune change hurting him even further, he might drop even lower.

    His problems are many, his weaknesses multifold, and his strengths non-existant. There are a lot of problems with his current iteration. So i decided to do some theory-crafting and looking at a potential fix.

    First things first, the obvious one. Isolation range. Its plain and simply too high. Its not realistic. And he entirely relies on the damn mechanic. However, there are people who say that 300 was too low, and while i dont agree, i think it is wise to start midway, and correct it if it turns out to be too far aft…

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