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  • UberTri125

    Icon Color Texts

    April 26, 2011 by UberTri125

    Hello everyone. I've been pondering about this idea for months now. So here's the scoop. I was thinking of a special feature that'll change the font color for any icon template the user uses on their user page into any color they would like(much like the custom name feature in the ci template). I'm not sure if it would be useful around the wiki, but here's a sample of what it would look like if it was put in:

    So anyway, I would like to take a vote on this issue. There are three options: Yes, No, or Neutral (I'll be neutral by default.) The voting will be closed on April 30. If the majority of the votes are in favor of this feature, it will be added to all the icon templates. So vote and voice your opinions.

    • Sam
    • Exiton
    • D3Reap3R
    • Bachoru
    • Silvoss
    • Kad…

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  • UberTri125

    Hello everyone. I've noticed that some of the champion's overview stats (Health, Attack, Spell, and Difficulty) have been changed due to the use of the League of Legends website. The problem with that is that it has mislead users to think that the number of blocks on the bar shown on the bar calculates to that amount times 10. Now I know that the overview stats are in multiples of ten, but that's not the point. Some good examples are shown below:

    As seen in the images above, the difficulty for Cassiopeia in both images are shown full, thus equaling to 100. However, her Spell shown in the in-game image shows that it's partially full, equaling to 90 and the website image shows that it is partially full, but it has 10 blocks, which leads many…

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  • UberTri125

    The Next Template

    March 19, 2011 by UberTri125

    Hello again everyone. I have just created a new template called Bclosed. This template is similar to the Stub template, but it's to be used in blog pages. To use the template, type the following:

    Okay, here's how it goes. Whenever you want to show that you don't want comments on your page anymore, you can place this template at the top of the blog page. However, it does not auto uncheck the commenting box. You can also type in the reason for closing the blog as well. If you have any questions, leave your comments down below, or contact me at my talk page.

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  • UberTri125

    Hello everyone. Due to a recent incident with my friend, I've decided to start this project myself. Okay, I've noticed that the Overview Stats (Health, Attack, Spells, and Difficulty) are now outdated since this patch. So I'll need so volunteers to help me with this project. If you guys have any questions, you can contact either Sam or me.

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  • UberTri125

    lol jk, wish I got one though--- wait, don't go! Here's the real subject.

    Since Sam 3010 has confirmed the fate of my previous blog, I have just created a new template to aid my new project.

    Okay, here's how it works: in each of the Champion's Strategy pages, there's this template that can display the recommended items that Riot Games proposed in the game. As seen in the above example, you'll need to punch in the names in there correct slots. For those of you who want to help, you can start by checking the recommended items of as many champions as you can. Then, you can place them in the table of the corresponding champion. For a quick example, see Ezreal/Strategy.

    If you have any questions, you can either contact Sam 3010 or me to answer you…

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