Hello everyone. I was wondering if we should start adding recommended items to each of the champions' pages in this wiki. It maybe a good or bad idea, but what do you guys think of this proposal?

EDIT:The Template has been created and the initiative to add the Riot's Reccomended Items to the Strategy Pageshas begun. Please contribute to the wiki by adding the Missing Riot's RI.

Remember you can also use the template to post your own builds on Comments or Guides (only). And that if your build gets considerable support (5 supporting replys) it can be added to the Strategy Page, with your name on it, too.

To use the template

If you are using Rich TExt Editor, just click on the template (the green puzzle piece icon) and edit it, #1 is the creator's name (either Riot's or yours) and #2 throught #7 are the items' names.

If you are not using Rich Text Editor then just type the following: {{ri|"Riot/Your Name"|Item 1|Item 2|Item 3|Item 4|Item 5|Item 6}}.