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  • Ultimate0

    I need some advice!

    September 27, 2014 by Ultimate0

    Hello everyone, I'm here today asking you help for my "work".

    Maybe you've seen my custom champions already, even though they're only a few. If not, then checking them would make me happy! :D

    Let's get on the main point: I started having ideas for custom champions again a few days ago, after a long period of inactivity, but I can't choose which one to create first.

    For now, my ideas are:

    • Something like an Earth Elemental: a cc-based mage, kinda like Lissandra, so not much burst (Unless you build him with 1k ap, of course). This makes me think about Malphite, but in a more magically magic way.
    • Three-headed woof of doom: Your classic hell's gates guardian, mostly tanky with some damage and cc, and treats for the good boys.
    • Hot redhead.. I mean, so…
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  • Ultimate0

    Dissidium, the Shadow of Death is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    • Dissidium uses a particular energy resource type, called "Shadow Energy".
    • Dissidium has 100 Energy, and each of his forms has its own Shadow Energy: Blue Shadow Energy for the Wraith form, and Red Shadow Energy for the Predator form. Both of them regenerate at a rate of 5 Shadow Energy per second.

    Dissidium traces a claw in an arced line, dealing physical damage to enemies caught in its path and savaging them for 2 seconds.

    |description2 = Savaged enemies hit by Dissidium's basic attacks bleed for additional magic damage over 3 seconds. The bleed effect does not stack but is refreshed with every basic attack. |leveling = |leveling2 = |cooldown = |cost = 40 |costtyp…

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  • Ultimate0

    Leyssa, the Frozen Blade

    September 4, 2013 by Ultimate0

    Leyssa, the Frozen Blade is a custom champion in League of Legends.


    Strikes target enemy, applying on-hit effects and a bonus stack of her innate to the first target and dealing 75% of the ability's damage to every enemy unit it passes through. This ability can critically hit only on the target to deal bonus damage.

    |description2= Frost Lance can critically strike on the targeted enemy, adding half of Leyssa's critical damage modifier to Frost Lance's AD ratio. |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 525 }}

    Leyssa gains increased movement speed and ignores unit collision for 5 seconds. Leyssa also gains armor and magic resist for the duration. Additionally, she leaves an ice trail where she walks that lasts fo…
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  • Ultimate0

    Michael, the Lost Skyward is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Increases resistances and regeneration of nearby allied champions.

    |description2 = While toggled, Michael loses the passive aura, but also reduces nearby enemy champions' resistances by the same amount and damages enemies within 162.5 range every second. |leveling =

    |leveling2 = per 5 seconds.

    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana per second |range = 500 }}

    Michael's basic attacks slow his targets' movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

    |description2 = Michael's next basic attack within 7 seconds will deal bonus magic damage and stun the target for 1 second. |leveling = |leveling2 =

    |cooldown= |cost= 50 |costtype= mana }}

    Michael dashes forward and slams the ground, damag…
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