Hello everyone, I'm here today asking you help for my "work".

Maybe you've seen my custom champions already, even though they're only a few. If not, then checking them would make me happy! :D

Let's get on the main point: I started having ideas for custom champions again a few days ago, after a long period of inactivity, but I can't choose which one to create first.

For now, my ideas are:

  • Something like an Earth Elemental: a cc-based mage, kinda like Lissandra, so not much burst (Unless you build him with 1k ap, of course). This makes me think about Malphite, but in a more magically magic way.
  • Three-headed woof of doom: Your classic hell's gates guardian, mostly tanky with some damage and cc, and treats for the good boys.
  • Hot redhead.. I mean, some kind of Flame Sorceress, if anyone here knows Chandra Nalaar from MTG, you can think about her if you want an idea in your head.
  • Brutally brutal berserker: Muscles, rage, movement like a rock inside quicksand, no AS per level but AD based on your AS. "If I hit you once with a fist, your face will have a free trip to the void, but I'll reach you only next year"-guy.
  • Robotic professional hunting unit // Professional hunter with high-tech equipment: Weapon-based stances, sniper stance with his ultimate.

Who should I start with? Do you want me to create some particular things? (For example, you have an idea in your mind and can't get it out? Let's work togheter, something cool can come out!)

I really appreciate comments like "I think you should do this, change that, make something this way, or based on this", so tell me what do you think cause I'd really like some help and cooperation from people who like to read about custom champions...

...You do like that, right? (Otherwise you should've not read this post. Is it too late to say this?)

Ultimate0 (talk) 13:54, September 27, 2014 (UTC)