Strange title? Of course the enemy jungler's going to take your jungle if you give them a chance, it's your job to stop them doing that, right?

I'm not referring to that, though. I'm referring to the occasions when your team does that job for them.

Okay, the jungle monsters respawn fairly quickly, I get that. I don't mind mid taking wraiths or bot or top taking golems if I'm all the way over on the other side of the map ganking a lane, although I'd still consider it a little rude if they didn't ask at all. It's when I'm just farming the jungle though, and I find some guy on my team taking one of the camps that's next on my route, so I can't get it. I'm the jungler. The jungle is my main source of farm - I might get a few minion kills during or after a successful gank, but that's not going to get me the gold I need to get to a decent level of build. And I really don't understand why they feel the need to do it, when there's virtually always minion waves to clear in their actual lanes at any given time.

I'm pretty sure that if I, as a jungler, hopped into a lane with no intention to gank and just took minion farm, I'd get yelled at by my laners. Understandable. So why do people think it's okay to do the same in reverse? It's even worse when it's one of my buffs - if I'm playing an especially mana-hungry jungler, taking blue hampers my clears and ganks, and red is useful for near enough any jungler. If you ask for it first and I'm okay giving it away, then I don't mind - I'll even help you take it if you need/want the help. But in a few recent games I've been severely behind due to laners taking all my jungle, and as a result? I get abuse for my ganks being unsuccessful, or not being much use in teamfights (remember kids; everything is the jungler's fault!)

So... thoughts on this? Any junglers out there who've also experienced this problem, and only been met with abuse when you politely ask people to stay out of your jungle without asking? Or any laners that do this, and want to explain why you do it?

(n.b. I'm not talking about late game where pretty much everything in lanes or in the jungle is fair game, just in case anyone was thinking that.)