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  • Unluckyguy13

    Gangplank rework concept

    INNATE – Pirate Swagger
    For every second that Gangplank laughs or dances within 1500 unit range of an enemy, Gangplank gains a stack of Pirate Swagger, up to 2 + (level x 0.5) rounded down to the nearest whole. For each stack, Gangplank receives 3 armor and magic resist, and 2% bonus movement speed. Upon killing a unit, an even amount of stacks are consumed and gangplank receives 1 gold per 2 stacks. The speed of stack generation is multiplied by the amount of enemy champions in range, and last for 2/3/4/5 (with levels in ultimate) seconds after he finishes laughing or dancing.

    ABILITY – Parrrley
    ACTIVE: Gangplank shoots a target enemy with his pistol, dealing physical damage and slowing the target hit by (10% per 100 …

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