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    Quick note before getting into the pictures and details, the pictures are done with the Enemy side of the field being towards the Bottom Left. Of course, my defining of Incorrect and Correct are just my own opinion.

    These are the two turret placements that I commonly use.

    In the first layout, the turrets are spaced out enough to avoid AOE damage on multiple turrets. However, they are positioned with a much larger overlapping area. In addition, only two turrets are placed forward, these are pretty much your offensive turrets (which is commonly all you need for minion waves). The 3rd turret is placed at the center towards the back, forming a triangular shape. This back turret is essentially a defensive turret and often won't be in range of incomi…

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    Pre Rework
    37.5 (+25% AP)
    47.5 (+25% AP)
    115 (+50% AP)
    135 (+50% AP)
    155 (+50% AP)

    Post Rework
    78.75 (+65.625% AP)
    115.5 (+65.625% AP)
    152.25 (+65.625% AP)
    189 (+65.625% AP)
    220.5 (+65.625% AP)

    Energy Blasts fired by the new turret were not included in comparison due to having nothing to compare against.

    However, provided the turrets fired an Energy Blast every 12 seconds the DPS increase would be roughly 4.2 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10.42 / 12.5 (+4.2% AP)

    Pre Rework
    DPS (5 target)
    25.5 (+16.5% AP)
    40.5 (+16.5% AP)
    55.5 (+16.5% AP)
    70.5 (+16.5% AP)
    85.5 (+16.5% AP)
    Mana Cost: 65 / 85 / 105 / 125 / 145
    Mana per Second: 6.5 / 8.5 / 10.5 / 12.5 / 14.5

    Post Rework
    DPS (5 target)
    27.27 (+20.45% AP)
    40.91 (+20.45% AP)
    54.55 (+20.45% AP)
    68.18 (+20.45% AP)
    81.82 (+20.45% AP)

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    Worst case scenario for any bottom lane specifically because the death could have been avoided.

    Annie, filling the role of Support has a sight ward in the river bush which later provides vision on Amumu charging down the lane. Annie pings Graves to retreat and begins to back off to the tower.

    Caitlyn, knowing Amumu will be in range shortly is moving up in the lane so that Graves cannot easily get out of her range. Janna also moves forward to provide additional CC on their target.

    Graves, believes he has an opportunity to get some damage in on Caitlyn as it appears she is unknowingly moving into his range. He jumps out of the brush with Quickdraw, lands Buckshot.

    Janna shields some of the damage from Buckshot and knocks up Graves. Amumu is now …

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    Requiring a player to have a certain number games played (maybe even restricting it to a certain number of wins?) in the normal equivalent queue before that champion can be a valid selection for ranked play.

    This would simultaneously stop people from playing new champions in Ranked Queues prior to actually obtaining any real gameplay experience on playing that champion, not just newly released champions but also existing champions who players for unknown reasons want to have their first game as that champion be a ranked game.

    ImAPro wants to go into Ranked 5v5 Summoner's Rift. He has the 16 champion requirement met, however, he has only ever played Ashe on the Normal 5v5 Summoner's Rift. With the above requirement, the other 9 champions thi…

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    Post-Game Statistics

    November 20, 2012 by Usiar

    tldr? Read the Suggestions / Reasons

    Most of my comments here will involve Base Damage vs Effective Damage in some way for the most part. Just to clarify, Base Damage will be the damage dealt before modifiers are applied while Effective Damage will be the damage dealt after modifiers are applied.


    These statistics, are spot-on. Don't change them one bit.

    Damage Done ( Damage Dealt, Physical & Magic Damage Dealt, Largest Critical Strike )

    Problem: As odd as it may sound, none of these statistics can be used to accurately show how much damage was done by a champion. The reason for this is because they include damage dealt to non-champion units.
    This means that by design, that Morgana whos spamming Tormented Soil on waves of minions (who never once assi…
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