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Most of my comments here will involve Base Damage vs Effective Damage in some way for the most part. Just to clarify, Base Damage will be the damage dealt before modifiers are applied while Effective Damage will be the damage dealt after modifiers are applied.


These statistics, are spot-on. Don't change them one bit.

Damage Done ( Damage Dealt, Physical & Magic Damage Dealt, Largest Critical Strike )

Problem: As odd as it may sound, none of these statistics can be used to accurately show how much damage was done by a champion. The reason for this is because they include damage dealt to non-champion units.
This means that by design, that Morgana whos spamming Tormented Soil on waves of minions (who never once assisted her team) will have more Magic Damage Dealt than that Lux who was scoring multiple kills with proper use of Lucent Singularity and Finales Funkeln in every team fight.
Suggestion: Exclude damage dealt to minions and neutrals from these statistics. I'm certain its already counting this way, but these values should also be stored based on Effective Damage.
Reason: With that change, this section can actually be used to show how an offensive player performed in a game (DPSers, Assassins, AD Carries, AP Carries etc).

Damage Taken ( Damage Taken, Physical & Magic Damage Taken )

Problem: These show Damage Taken based on Effective Damage (with the same problem as before where non-Champion units affect this). Which gives a rather inaccurate depiction of how much damage was actually used against that champion.
  • Cho'gath A, who's HP stacking and has 5000 HP, with only base resistances (82 Armor and 30 MR at Level 18) that is killed will show 5000 Damage Taken.
  • Cho'gath B, who knows to build Armor / MR instead and has 4000 HP, with enhanced resistances (125 Armor and 106 MR at level 18) that is killed will show 4000 Damage Taken.
Did Cho'gath A really take more damage? No, lets assume that the damage was all from Magic Damage.
  • Cho'gath A had 6500 Base Magic Damage applied to him.
  • Cho'gath B had 8240 Base Magic Damage applied to him.
Suggestion: Store these values based on Base Damage
Reason: This change should allow this section to accurately show how a defensive champion performed in a game (Tanks primarily, but to some extent, Off-Tanks and Supports as well)


  • 03/02/12: At the very least the only non-Champion unit that should be included in either of these stats should be Turrets (for damage dealt / damage taken) and other buildings (for damage dealt)
  • 11/20/12: Structure Damage Dealt could even be separated to its own statistic while damage taken from turrets would remain under Damage Taken.

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