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  • UsoppThePotato

    (Note: English is not my native language, therefore grammar mistakes might happen.)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, UsoppThePotato here, and this time I have thought of a rework for the somewhat recently ruined Skarner.

    I wanted to make sure he can perform like he used to be (lock down an enemy until the end) however I made changes to his kit so it is not that toxic.

    seconds. The effect is doubled when attacking enemy champions. Attacking structures will not trigger Energize.

    }} | }}

    Skarner deals physical damage to all enemies within range. Hitting an enemy will grant a stacking attack speed bonus for 5 seconds that stacks up to 3 times. While Skarner has stacks, Crystal Slash deals bonus magic damage. If the enemy has the Fractured debuff, this spell …
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  • UsoppThePotato

    Let Corki shine again!

    February 14, 2014 by UsoppThePotato

    (Note: English is not my native language, so don't hate on any grammar mistakes, please. I am not perfect.)

    Hello fellow readers, UsoppThePotato here, and today I want to talk about .

    He is a champion that has been everywhere between seen every game and never seen at all. When the  got buffed a while ago he became a huge threat because of the great synergy. However, since then he disappeared again. The change to his Q (higher range, but becoming a missile skillshot) and the nerf to his ult (2s cooldown, can't be reduced) were too much to be able to stay as threatening as other marksmen.

    I really like playing Corki, and I was looking over his spells to see if there's a way to still be a powerhouse. And then I realized that his  is a really pow…

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  • UsoppThePotato

    (Note: English is not my native language, so don't hate on any grammar mistakes, please. I am not perfect.)

    Hello there, UsoppThePotato here, and I have been playing LoL since S1. I am not remotely pro at this game, but I like spending time on thinking how to use underplayed champions more effectively. I am playing on PBE as well, and there is an upcoming change to :

    Spirit of the Elder Lizard

    • No longer grants health and mana regen
    • No longer has Unique Passive Maim.
    • Unique Passive - Butch now reads "Against monsters, deal 30% bonus damage and restore 8% of damage dealt as Health and 4% as mana ( half restoration effects fro AoE spells )"

    (copied from Surrender@20)

    This made me think about something. I thought about who might benefit from this. An…

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  • UsoppThePotato

    (Note: English is not my native language, if you find any typos, you can keep them.)

    Hey there, UsoppThePotato here, and today I'll talk about crits. They are really important for most ADC/Marksmen and add a considerable amount of damage to their kit.

    The problem that i have with crits is that they have a proc chance. Items and runes can increase that chance, up to 100%(which means that every basic attack crits). For example, if you were to buy  you'd get +80 AD and +25% critical strike chance.

    Let's think of that: Imagine you play , rush the Infinity Edge and go to your lane(It's not about whether that's a good idea or not), where your damage will be greatly increased. But there is that random chance to actually crit on your attacks, or even…

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  • UsoppThePotato

    Hey guys. There are a some champions in LoL that are kind of 'locked' into 1 or two positions by the 'metagame'. I do not really like the idea of the metagame. I really enjoy playing unusual picks, like , , , or jungle, top lane , Support or top lane . My personal experience with those picks is really positive, but teammates easily start to rage and blame your 'troll pick' for a possible loss. However, I want to talk about a certain pick today, and that is mid lane AP .

    I had really great success with this pick, but as with my other picks, my teammates were flaming me and did not see my success, instead they thought that the enemy team is full of trolls and noobs (I thought that this was Bronze only, but it happens in Silver as well). I …

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