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  • I live in Albania for a while
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Beeing Voldemort
  • I am Male
  • V0ldek

    Yone, the Death's Debtor is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    (25level) health}} and (10level) mana}} every time he kills an enemy champion, or half of that when he scores an assist. He also gains 50% bonus attack speed for kill (25% for assist) for 6 seconds, decaying to 30% (15% for assist) after 2 seconds. This can occur only once per 10 seconds.


    Every time Yone kills an enemy unit he gains as health regeneration for 5 seconds, and as mana regeneration for 5 seconds. Health regen and mana regen stacks additively up to 4 times, also refreshing regeneration timer with every stack. After expiring, this passive goes on static 7 seconds cooldown.
    Every time Yone kills an enemy champion he gains permament bonus of AD}}.


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  • V0ldek

    The end!

    November 12, 2013 by V0ldek

    Ave, summoners!

    So here we are, the end of League of Legends Season 3. We've seen some new champions, and changes to others, some reworks, many remodels and new splash arts, drastic meta changes from League of Warmog's through League of Assassins to League of Splitpushing and Tankiness over Everything. We had 9 champions released in this Season, counting the Pre-Season, , , , , , , , and . We had SK T1 winning the Championship. And maybe most importantly this was the season that brought us the League System. Itemization changed drastically, especially for junglers.

    So my question at the end of this wonderful League year is: what did you like the most and what did you like the least in already gone Season 3? Which champion among the released…

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  • V0ldek

    Ave, !

    I'm dissapointed with one thing in the "new" league system on ranked games - you can't fall down into lower league.

    On elo system that was simple - you lost a game, you lost your elo. There weren't any milestones, checkpoints or however you call that. A new ranked player whose skill wasn't great could be carried on a win streak up to some elo, like 1500, but then, after some games played, he fell down to 1000 cause he just didn't deserve that elo.

    Now new players are carried to Gold divisions and after some games played the fall down to Gold V and just stay there. Their MMR is screwed by now, but he is still on Gold even if he does not deserve that. The worst thing is, now the real noobs (I mean just worthless players whose skill is equ…

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