Ave, visitor!

I'm dissapointed with one thing in the "new" league system on ranked games - you can't fall down into lower league.

On elo system that was simple - you lost a game, you lost your elo. There weren't any milestones, checkpoints or however you call that. A new ranked player whose skill wasn't great could be carried on a win streak up to some elo, like 1500, but then, after some games played, he fell down to 1000 cause he just didn't deserve that elo.

Now new players are carried to Gold divisions and after some games played the fall down to Gold V and just stay there. Their MMR is screwed by now, but he is still on Gold even if he does not deserve that. The worst thing is, now the real noobs (I mean just worthless players whose skill is equal to 0 and they do nothing but flaming) that are on Gold V think that they are really good and you can't explain that to them. Earlier, if a noob wanted to convince someone to his sick ideas, you just could say "shut up, you are on 600 elo, you just don't know enough about this game." Now it will not work, because he will just think "I'm gold, I know enough!!!!!!!!1111".

It is also not good for players who want some challenge. If you fall down that just means your skill is going down, improve your play and come back. Now you can only fall down due to inactivity.

I think it should be improved. Maybe not just like "You have 0 LP in League V, you lost a game, you fall down." Maybe 3 games in a row on 0 LP? And some protection time for newones in the league? What do you, visitor, think about that? The old system wasn't perfect, but I prefer judging skill by numbers, than few leagues that actually mean nothing, cause you can't fall down. If someone is Gold V, he is most probably silver player, or even bronze (if he's not a recruit and didn't recently joined that league).

Ave, visitor!