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The end!

V0ldek November 12, 2013 User blog:V0ldek

Ave, summoners!

So here we are, the end of League of Legends Season 3. We've seen some new champions, and changes to others, some reworks, many remodels and new splash arts, drastic meta changes from League of Warmog's through League of Assassins to League of Splitpushing and Tankiness over Everything. We had 9 champions released in this Season, counting the Pre-Season, Vi Piltover Bruiser, Nami Fuckin' Bubbles!, Thresh Souleater, Quinn My bird is bigger than yours, Lissandra Zhonya, Zac It's Flubber!, Aatrox I never die, Lucian Buff my ulti pls and Jinx Let's blow shit up and see what happens. We had SK T1 winning the Championship. And maybe most importantly this was the season that brought us the League System. Itemization changed drastically, especially for junglers.

So my question at the end of this wonderful League year is: what did you like the most and what did you like the least in already gone Season 3? Which champion among the released ones was the greates for you? What would you like to see in Season 4? Share, laugh, rant and rage in comments section below,

and happy pre-season!

From the champions, I like Vi Vi the most, with her dive-making ultimate.

I don't really like current meta. Support+ADC bot is ok, APC on mid is ok, but I love bruisers, and now toplane and jungle are reserved for AD or AP almost full tanks, mostly relying on 1 damage item and their base damage. I would really like to see rise of the bruisers in the next season.

I love the new Warmog's, f*ck everything else, Warmog's ftw.

The biggest problem with the League System was that you can't fall down to lower league, not counting inactivity LP delay, about which I ranted in my previous blog. Fortunately, in Season 4 falling down a league is possible, so let's celebrate!

New shop and interface, also the new font for legacy text, they all bring some kind of freshness which I appreciate.

Season 4 wants to bring more gold to the jungle and supports, which I'm really hyped about. Only thing I want more is MOAR CHAMPS. Seriously, 9 champs down from 21 in Season 2? I'm also waiting for an ultimate skin for Lux Double Rainbow. I. Want. It. Take all my money, just give me that skin.

See you on the Fields of Season 4 Justice


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